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An essential tool for group accommodation management

Indispensible for event managers and venues providing accommodation services for single and multiple hotel events. Suitable for one-off events like a conference, trade show, sporting or music event or for repeated events like training, recruitment drives, concerts or tournaments. The RoomTrust application enables time-saving room block contracting and management functionality and branded booking tools for event participants.

Central visibility

Group accommodation for your organization may be managed by several event planners with contracted blocks at multiple hotels, for many different events. Without a central platform it is nearly impossible to know quickly which room blocks are currently contracted, at which hotels and their current status. The RoomTrust application manages all contracted room blocks in one place so you can check the status of every event in an instant via a simple and clear visual display.

Better control

With a central platform you will know your organization's total financial commitment to hotel accommodation at any time. You can see the status of any or all current event room blocks and check release dates, attrition schedules and likely penalties if deadlines are missed.
The RoomTrust group accommodation management application is suitable for any size of organization. You can centrally manage your hierarchical structure, users and user roles, preferred hotels and hotel contracts.
The system has a number of features to assist with the management of room blocks. Automatic release dates can be set so rooms not picked up are released without worry. Alternatively, if event planners opt to manage their own room releases they are notified of impending deadlines.

Paperless contracting

Group accommodation contracts are negotiated and agreed directly in the system with connected hotels meaning the end of multi-page paper contracts! There are two types of contract you can manage:

  • One-off contracts for a particular event where room types, numbers, rates and the cancelation and attrition policies are agreed.
  • Annual contracts for hotels with repeated groups during the year. The rates and terms and conditions agreed are then automatically applied to any group requested during the year. Once set up any new room block is a simple request and accept process directly between you and the hotel, completed in minutes.
Branded event booking pages in seconds

Once a group has been created and room blocks added, you can create a participant booking site in seconds. The system will generate the event or group booking page with a unique url in your organization's default branding with a unique access code. The text on the booking page is completely customizable. You just send the url and access code to your participants.
You can also brand the application at an event level. Using the url created you can link the booking site directly to an event website, either as a link or as part of the accommodation information page. The booking site carries your event banner and your event's logo can be added to booking confirmations.

Directly connected hotels

Hotels can connect directly to the RoomTrust system. Connected hotels receive and respond to new request offers via the system. The whole contract negotiation process occurs directly in the system so there is no longer a need for paperwork. Once agreed rooms blocks are immediately loaded and visible to events planners and hotels. This means that both planners and hotels see the current room block status and can run rooming lists, change reports and invoice request reports. As a planner this is a huge time saver - the hotel has the same visibility as you so it is no longer necessary to send daily updates - the hotel can run their own.

Hotel accommodation - an event revenue centre

If you are a venue or a professional conference organiser, hotel accommodation is a potential revenue centre. If you have not provided an accommodation service in the past or have preferred to link participants directly with hotels, the RoomTrust system may provide you cause to re-evaluate. You can now provide an accommodation service with maximum effectiveness but minimal staff resource that your event participants will truly appreciate. Let us explain how you can turn accommodation into an event profit centre.